Sport is a very popular activity in Britain, both professionally and for fun. For this reason, the discipline forms a large part of daily conversations across the country, with people keen to get in on the latest happenings in their favourite sport. This site has been created to make that conversation even better.

Top Sports in Britain

There are sports which, when mentioned, bring Britain to mind immediately. Football, for example, cannot be exhaustively discussed anywhere in the world without mentioning British players, teams or venues. This section looks at sports that have become a favourite in the country and the reason for their popularity.

Recreational Sports

Apart from professional sports where British fans throng in high numbers, there are recreational sports that everyone can participate in. Most of these sports are amateur versions of the professional ones, which people take part in just for fun.

Recreational sports have relaxed rules which set them apart from the competitive versions. This section looks at such sports in depth, mentioning particular disciplines that people can take part in.

Sports Where Britain Dominates

Every country has sporting disciplines which favour it. Britain is particularly blessed in this area and often dominates opponents whenever there is a competition. This section looks at such sports where the country has a considerable probability of emerging as champions whenever there are competitions.

Fun Trivia

Trivia is almost synonymous with fun. This is why Bake and Take has a dedicated section where readers can jog their minds with tricky fun trivia. Hop on in and join the fun!