About football history in the UK

Football is always considered as the greatest sport in the world. Anyone can enjoy one football match whether he is a fan of this game or not. As a consequence, football is called with a nickname as the king of sports.

During history of football through the world, the UK is well-known with series of events. In this article, we continue to discover important events in football history at the UK. Following it to see a detail look about this game.

In the last article, we conclude that the rule of football has just started to introduce in 1891, then it has many versions to suit strategic development of per period.

Let it discuss detail about strategic development

When football was regraded as a game to express strength and power of team. so, they started to develop strategies to have more opportunities for winning. Depending on thoughts and mindset of per team, they will use other strategies, including creative tactics, formations skills or attractive skills to defeat opponents.

Then managers and players focused on build up key person on the field, from goal keeper, defensive to attractor. They created many ways to set up a team then they would try to follow this strategy during the match.

However, the professional football was still banned. It was only played as a normal game whereas many people loved and wished to play it more in international sport competitions.

Beginning of the 20th century, the FIFA was established as the major federation of football who represent for this game before the society. Since having an official organization of football, this game has growth breakthroughs.

They create a unique competition called FIFA World Cup which is considered as the biggest football event in the world until now.