About football history in the UK

Football is one of the most favorite team sports in the UK as well the global. Spectators feel being loved with it because hope, excitement and surprising during the match until the last second. This sport is a great way to connect people closer and closer.

In this article, we share origin of establishment and growth of football in the UK. If you consider why football is well-known as the English, following our data.

First of all, to become a popular game like today, football as many variations within hundreds of years. Through some major events, you can see interesting insight about development in society and culture of English.

The early history of football

Through documents and paper, people say that football has been found for over 800 years under simple game where a ball was moved and kicked by players. However, it looked crude and rough.  People were in more accidents when playing it. So, it was not popular with someone.

One variation of game was known as camp-ball. It meant that players took part in a boxing match but in the bitch and used a ball to compete others. Actually, boxing had a long history in the UK. It was also a popular sport, therefore football was considered as a creation of boxing, excluding the hands. Some documents pointed out that anyone wanted to watch or play a live match, need to pay tax. It depended job or position in society to pay money accordingly. In this version, people started to place on betting to predict which team was a winner in finals. The fact that, it was origin of betting on sport which was developed wide nowadays.

Fixed rules of football

Complying the rules is necessary in any sport. It’s the unique way for all players and spectators follow and find the same understanding. To get clear rule as nowadays, football has been gone many versions.

It’s considered that the UK was one of the first to have codified systems about rules in football.