Trivia is a mind-teasing game that can help you kill time with friends and loved ones. However, at times, things might get too serious hence making you want to emerge the winner. In that case, you need to ensure that you prepare well ahead of time. Below are some tips to help you get ready to play trivia.

Do your homework

Before the game starts, you might want to research the areas that the questions are likely to come from. Look for the possible questions and their answers. Such information can be found online, or from other books that are mostly used to get questions for trivia.

Learn to follow your Gut

There reaches a time when you are torn between two possible answers. When this happens, you will have some instincts. Most of the time, you start having trouble when you start questioning your instincts. As long as you feel a certain answer might be right, then go ahead and shout it.

Make good use of your smart friends

If you are doing this as a team, then you might want to have your intelligent friends on the front row. Unless they are unable to find the right answers, you need to let them go first. This way, you will enhance the chances of winning the competition.

Have the right attitude

There is no way you are going to emerge the winner unless you have the winning mentality. You need to walk in there knowing that you are going to be the champ no matter what. A positive attitude will make you think freely hence making you think critically about the answers.


Winning a trivia play can boost your confidence. It feels good knowing that your friends think you are smart. This is something you can quickly achieve by utilizing the ideas presented above.