Game of Shooting in the UK (Part 1)

Shooting has been an official qualified, Olympic sport since 1896 which is also the first international Olympic games of modern day. Despite this recognition, the sport is also the source of controversy throughout the UK, especially within the area of hunting of wild mammals and birds, such as pheasants or ducks.

As a result, rigorous guidelines are built surround all types of shooting to control which animals can be hunted, when, how much and how this may be done and what type of equipment (bow and arrows) that shooters can use when hunting.

Regarding shooting for sport, there are various disciplines. Each of which utilises different guns, distances and targets with different controversial shooting disciplines which is called as ‘game shooting.’ This type of shooting refers to the hunting of any wild mammal and bird for either sport or food purpose (sometimes both). Due to the nature of shooting, the UK government have built up strict guidelines applied to shooting across the UK:

Birds – Shooters can only shoot certain types of birds during the shooting season only. Besides, shooting is limited to certain areas of the country.

Mammals – There are also strict regulations for hunting mammals such as deer and foxes. And it is considered to be illegal in the UK to use dogs when hunting foxes. Moreover, shooters must shoot quickly and foxes must remain humanely when found. Shooters must possess A licence if wanting to shoot deer outside of shooting season, or during the night. When hunting deer, there are only limited type of ammunition and guns can be used.

UK Rules and Regulations for Shooting

Before involving in various different types of sports shooting, shooters must aware of potential dangerous firearms, as well as regulations behind the use of shooting equipment such as shooters must hire or purchase the legal firearms from a licensed gun room in the UK to be able to take part in any shooting activities.