Game Shooting in the UK (Part 1)

The United Kingdom law declare that regulations surrounding the use of firearms for both hunting and shooting purposes must be strictly followed at all times and applies to all cases. People who participate in illegal hunting or shooting activities without having permission from the landowner, or people causing unnecessary suffering to the hunted animal can be sentenced with either a fine or prison.

UK Gun Certificates

In the UK, you must possess a valid certificate to both buy and use a rifle, shotgun or any other type of firearm. When participating in game shooting, it is not legal to use either explosives or bows and crossbows. Now that the basic rules and regulations for guns and hunting as well as shooting have been established, here are some common practices of shooting for sport.

Shooting Sports (Rifle)

This activity consists of all of the main types of shooting for sport purposes that use a rifle.

Benchrest Shooting

A specific type of shooting sport in which rifles are used to shoot at target made of paper from a bench.

Popinjay Shooting

It’s the type of shooting involves aiming at targets that hung from a pole which meant to look like birds.

Fullbore Target Rifle Shooting means shooting at paper targets with a rifle whilst lying on the ground with the full-body face down.

Shooting Sports (Shotgun)

This type of shooting consists of all types of shooting that use a shotgun.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Shooters aim at moving targets shot out by machine, commonly in the form of a clay pigeon .

Sporting Clays requires shooters to move around a course and shoot at targets moving at various different angles, positions, distances and speed.

Skeet Shooting is the type of shooting that participants shoot at flying clay disks with the purpose of breaking them up.