Great Britain- the home of Football

As far as we know, football is the most popular sport in the world. It is considered with a nickname as the King of sport. Every year, there are millions of league with a wide range of scale organized all over the world. Thanks football, people can connect and be closer when they live in the same area of football festival such as World Cup, Olympics.

The origin and evolution of football takes place in Great Britain. Actually, until now football is arguably the most popular sport in this nation. The English people are always proud of England’s national football team.

Dating back to medieval times, primitive football appeared but it disorganized with more violent and more spontaneous because there was no the Football league founded and led everyone in a general rule.


As normal development principle, football was gradually improved and became organized better. In 1863, the rules of football was publicized and applied to all nations. One of outstanding rule is standardizing the size and weight of the ball for all football match. Then they agreed about duration of prearranged for 90 minutes. The match between London and Sheffield in 1866 had remarked for the new rule. The first organization- The Football Association also was founded in 1863 at England who were responsible for managing and arranging football league in the world.


Then Great Britain became a host nation for several important international sports competitions. They invested a huge budget to develop infrastructure and quality of football player so that they hoped to reach the best result about sport. In 1966, England’s national team famously won the World Cup to bring victory and honor to people.

From the origins of the game, people thought that football was been established from a thousand years and under diverse rudimentary forms and in the very region but finally Great Britain is the home of football which football founded, developed and upgraded more professionally day by day.