Greatest English Footballers of the Last 20 Years (Part 1)

The English national team may do everything and still despair on its own countrymen, but it’s fair to say the country of football has nurtured a number of world-class stars across the last twenty years.

Taking a look at the records, it’s time to decide which English players have been the greatest through time. Before we get on to the actual list, important criteria needs to be finalized.

Players will be assessed on their full contribution across the past two decades, in which those who retired during this period are likely to be lower down the list. For instance, while Gary Lineker should be ranked as one of England’s greatest players ever lived, he got out in 1994 and therefore places in a lower position on this rule of judgement. The same can be applied for players such as Matt Le Tissier, Paul Gascoigne, David Beckham and John Barnes.

Major trophy success and individual triumphs also play a critical part in the evaluation process.

Honorable Mentions

Some players didn’t quite make to the list due to a number of reasons, such as his retirement close to the date these rankings accounted like Michael Owen, or perhaps they got serious accidents.

Gary Neville
It’s difficult to remember a time when Gary Neville wasn’t a famous, well-respected, and highly intelligent player of Sky Sports pundit.

The former Manchester United captain was a favorite of Sir Alex Ferguson until his retirement in 2011 and is considered the best right-back that England has ever nurtured. His willingness to take down any flanks appeared when attacking full-backs were far less famous and helped the Red Devils took over the Premier League era.

Neville was always in control of the ball, and always willing to put his body on the line for United. His passion— has been proven many times throughout his career—was also rather explosive.

Major Honours—Premier League winner (x8 times), FA Cup (x3 times), League Cup (x2 times), Community Shield (x3 times), Champions League (x2 times), Intercontinental Cup, FIFA World Club Cup.