History of Rugby Football in UK

As far as we know, rugby is one of the most popular team sports in the U.K from the past until now. Some people said that it is professional and recreational to be played in U.K

Clearly, rugby is divided into 2 main kinds: Rugby Union and Rugby League. Although they have some difference about the rule, they have familiar history.

From the documents and data, rugby was traced back over 2000 years before when the Romans played a ball game with nickname as harpastum. Then in the medieval period in U.K, some young men represented for their village or hometown to compete in game of rugby. But they faced up with problem about agreement in rules between religions or nations.

The record said that this game took place in a yard with the ball carried and driven from another to others. It was famous from Derbyshire to Dorset to Scotland. In the first period of rugby game, it was only popular for the young gentlemen in the Midlands of England. Then total rules of this game was been built up and agreed among the various walk of life. For example: touchlines were applied in this match, the ball can be caught and handled without running with ball in hand so on.

Then the rules and the fame was spread fast to many university, especially Oxford and Cambridge. Estimated that the first official match was played in 1872 in university. It continued to enlarge in English, Welsh and Scottish other schools.

Flowing up the development of history, the rugby game has been dramatically changed about the rule as well players.

In Rugby World Cup in 2003, England team became the first northern hemisphere team to win in the final match. To reach more success, the Government focus on investing the club in university as well they founded The Rugby Football League to build up plan and leagues for athlete practice professionally.