The Best British Boxers (part 1)

Boxing is increasingly popular, especially with a significant increase in the numbers of people watching the game live at least once a week. Boxing has enjoyed an increase of just under 30,000 people in the past six months which has been largely driven by the number of 16 and 25-year-olds boxing, which has risen to 79,100 – exceeding the target set by Sport England for this year of the current funding cycle.

In the older age group (26+), there is a recovery following a drop in figures with the number of participation is up to 87,300. 

Of overall number of participants, female account for 35,000, a rise of 11,700 in the past six months, nearly 21% of boxing participation, an amazing increase given the sport was only recently considered a male-only activity. This firgure suggesting a blend between pre-considered male and female sports. Meanwhile, male participation is up by 14,300 to 131,400.

Boxing has also seen a rise in the number of ethnic minorities participants from socially deprived areas, making it one of the most inclusive and accessible sports. Regarding boxing fitness classes, the upward trend continues, the same trend applies to ‘traditional’ boxing, proving the strength of the sport at grassroots level.

Although modern boxing was largely dominated by the American boxers, the UK has a number of world-class boxers as well due to the fact that it is birthplace of the modern sport of boxing. Here is a list of the top 10 greatest British boxers of all time. Although the listed name vary from one boxing critic to another, they all seem to agree that the following 10 boxers must be on the UK’s top 10 all-time greatest list.

  1. Joe Calzaghe
  2. Lennox Lewis
  3. Ken Buchanan
  4. Barry McGuigan
  5. Lloyd Honeyghan
  6. Ricky Hatton
  7. John Conteh
  8. Chris Eubank
  9. Nigel Benn
  10. Naseem Hamed