The biggest football teams in the UK all time (Part 2)

The UK is well known with series of football tournaments in domestic and European fields like Champions League, Premier League, UEFA Super Cup or FIFA Club World Cup.

Many clubs in the UK reach high rankings at the international tournaments. Who are the best team in this nation all time?

Following our article to see top the best football teams through achieving titles and winnings at all football events.

From the former article, we refer two big names: Liverpool and Manchester united. Now, other clubs will be shared as below:

3, Arsenal

Arsenal is ranked the third place with about 33 trophies in all leagues. They are called with nickname as “the first invincible” because some achievements are amazing and wonderful.

They were the first team to win the Premier league without being beaten by any club in 1996. Even, they could defeat the new championship- Manchester United under managed by Alex Ferguson who helped MU to reach three continuous trophies in 3 seasons of the Premier League. However, Arsena Wenger- head coach of Arsenal made new history for his team as well the Premier League.

Then they were excellent to pick up the title for FA Cup in 2014, 2017.

They always reach good achievement at other leagues. So, they are the first team to have the highest average position in the UK. Their style and performance look stable and professional.

4, Chelsea

Chelsea is well known as the Blues when they always wear blue uniform in their competitions. Estimated they have about 26 trophies.

It’s a rick club when they receive big investment from Roman Abramovich who is from Russia.

Since this takeover, Chelsea has reached good achievements in their team.

For example, they won the first league championship in 1955, then the first continental cup in 1971. They were the first team in London to win the Champions league in 2012.