The biggest football teams in the UK all time

The UK is well known as the football nation when there are historical events closed with this nation. Furthermore, football is considered as one of the biggest industries to develop and spread. Annually, there are many international and domestic football tournaments held at there attacking many fans all over the world.

Through big football events, we can list which football team is on the top. In this article, we will rank top the biggest football clubs during the time at the UK.

The fact, they are famous names with high reputation in the world.

1, Liverpool

Liverpool is named as the Reds when they always express desiring to win at any competition. Since established, Liverpool is highly appreciated and considered in the top the best ranking. During their history, they have ever reached about 44 trophies and titles.

Some triumphs include the Champions league, UEFA super cup, the Premier league, FIFA clubs or the European cup. Almost all big events they have ever gone through and reached achievements.

In above all, the European cup is the most achievement when they lift total 6 times. It’s the best record of one England club for the continent football event.

Or the peak era in the 1970s to 2000s, they usually have dominated some quality tournaments such as the Premier league with 5 times present in the finals or several domestic treble.

2, Manchester United

Manchester United ranks the second with 43 trophies.

Under management of the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson in 1968s, it was considered the domination of MU when they continued to reach series of achievements like the first triumph in the European Cup then the first title in Premier League in 1993 then continue to reach the second, the third…Finally they have ever got 13 trophies in this tournament, besides 5 times for FA Cups and 2 times for the Champion league.