The ever popular and much loved form of motorsport – Speedway

Speedway is a form of motorcycle racing, in which four riders race by sliding their bikes anti-clockwise sideways into the bends around of oval circuits made up of dirt or loosely packed shale. The bikes used for speedway have no brakes, features only one gear and can reach maximum speeds of up to 70 miles per hour on the straights!

Professional speedway racing competition is controlled by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), which developed guidelines and legislation on all aspects of the sport, such as circuit size, construction and so on. There are many purpose built circuits around the UK with those granted special allowance by the FIM being the British Grand Prix to be organized at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, with recently signed a five year contract to secure the venue for future Grand Prix.
King’s Lynn’s Norfolk Arena, home of the King’s Lynn Stars, organized the second event of the 2012 Speedway World Cup making it the third time in a row that the Norfolk Arena has conducted a Speedway World Cup event.
People beloved that Speedway in the UK appeared in 1928 although no one know which was the first ever speedway circuit. There are a few circuits that hosted race in 1928 which are still used for speedway today such as the Belle Vue track at Kirkmanshulme Lane, Manchester; Brandon Stadium in Coventry; Arlington Stadium in Eastbourne, and Monmore Green Stadium in Wolverhampton.
The most unusual, oddest speedway track was probably the Trelawny Tigers in Trelawny, Cornwall which won the award for being built in a clay pit. Unfortunately it was closed.
If visitors are seeking the place to watch speedway, the ideal place for watching the race from start to the finish should be a track with a grandstand on the home straight. Some good examples are the homes of Poole Pirates, Lakeside Hammers, Workington Comets, Berwick Bandits, and Birmingham Brummies, etc.