The reason why football is popular in the UK (Part 1)

Football is a part of the British life. People love, watch and play football in daily life. They are also proud that their nation is origins of football which is the most favorited sports in the world.

It’s common sense when football is considered as an important industry in the UK. Many people become rich or have good jobs from football.

Therefore, football is one of the most popular game at there.

In this article, we refer the reason why football can be developed strongly in the UK like it has ever been successful.

Some major events about history of football in the UK

According to some documents, football was invented in the UK in 1170. The UK was the first nation to access and develop football to become more popular.

So, many people consider the UK as a national home of football.

In 1857, the first football club was established, called Sheffield FC. This club remarked a new period of football. Then the Football Association was created in 1872 which was responsibility to manage and organize all issues about football in the nation.

Then in this year, the national team had the first international match against Scotland.

Until nowadays, there was more than 40,000 clubs in this nation, which have different scales. Estimated that the number clubs in the UK is twice as many as Brazil.

Clubs in the UK are developing strongly. Even one city can split two or three clubs. People express love and passion for football in everywhere or any competition.

As the good result, there are some big names in the UK which are famous and well-known in the international competitions like MU, Chelsea, Arsenal so on. Furthermore, they also usually reach high position in the ranking of continental and global football events.