The reason why football is popular in the UK (Part 2)

As shared in the previous article, football is the most favorited sports in the UK as well many nations in the world. This is the reason why there are many domestic football competitions but it is still well-known and widely developed to foreign spectators. Even, it becomes international football festival of the world.

To explain strong growth of football in the UK, today we continue to discuss top the major reason for this issue.

We have ever referred to origins of football in the UK. It’s one of the most outstanding reason to lead popularity of football. Many England people consider football as a national sport at their nation. So, they always are proud and excited with this game as a great passion of the daily life.

Besides origins of football, the rule of football is also a major factor to decide success of football in the UK.

People say that football is an interested game because everyone can understand rules easily.

There are 11 players for per team and two referee. They will use some strategies to throw ball and make goal to the rival’s net. One ball is successful when it doesn’t comply any rule.

On average, per match lasts 90 minutes, separated into two halves. When finishing the first halve, two teams have a break time to refresh energy and strategies for the next round. After finishing 90 official minutes, if the scores are equal, it means it is a draw. If one team scores more goals, they will win.

Depending rules of per tournament, a draw can be continued to go the extra halves or penalty or maintain it. It will affect to points of two teams.

The fact, there are some rules to determine fault of footballers. It is publicized easily in a set of international rule.