The Story Of The Origin Of Cricket In England

Cricket has been known since the 16th century in south-east England then spread to the whole of United Kingdom and became the national sport of this country.

Cricket is a team sport with 2 teams, 11 members in per team. However, if only you and one friend, you still play it in the park perfectly. In the UK, people play cricket anywhere, maybe in the park, garden, the street, the beach or even a car park. So it is called the national sport.

As far as we know, sports play an important role in UK because total the citizen like and play sport as a significant part of life. We can list some famous sports in there like: football, rugby, boxing, golf, hockey, swimming, badminton and especially cricket.

The origin of cricket in world is not clear to date but it became popular with south-east England first 16th century. Then it became the national sport in UK in 18th century and developed all over the world in the 19th and 20th century globally.

Cricket is an important recreational sport which can play across the different classes in UK. According to the research, cricket has been ranked 4th for popular sports from the number of viewership and contribution significantly to the growth of sports in UK. In this nation, there are various cricket clubs playing at different levels for pro competing purpose or entertainment purpose. Estimated that there are about 18 county clubs. They compete and practice in some national events like: County Championship so on.

In 1976, UK was the first country who host indoor cricket tournament with more than 400 clubs took part all the world. The England national cricket team is a key member of the International Cricket Council so they can join and organize many international cricket games including the ICC World Cricket Cup or the Twenty 20 International tournament.