Top 5 Most Popular Sports in the United Kingdom

Sports have a magical power on the human. By playing or watching any sport, we can connect all together without having the same language.

The United Kingdom is a home of professional athletes with several major international sports. Sports bring benefits for players, government and investors. It is also a source of entertainment for viewer. The following is top 5 the most popular sports in the UK.

1/ Football

Frankly speaking, football is the most popular sport in UK with many famous leagues and teams every year.

Giving an example about the most well-known league is Premier League which collects total 20 best teams from all over the UK like Manchester United, Liverpool or Arsenal.

Other famous leagues like Football Championships, FA Cup or the Capital One Cup hold each year.

2/ Cricket

Cricket has been the national sport since 17th century. Then it was spred to neighbor nations then hundreds of other nations all over the world.

In per summer, there is First Class County Championship to be organized with total 18 professional county clubs.

3/ Rugby

Like cricket, rugby is one of the most popular and recreational sports in UK.

It has two main types: Rugby Union and Rugby League. They are only different from the number of players and ways to move with the ball.

4/ Badminton

It is the most popular racket sport in history and continues to grow until now. Badminton England was established in 1893 to organize and arrange all badminton champions in UK.

5/ Tennis

Tennis is a spectator sport in UK because almost the local love tennis and play it every day because there are many public facilities throughout nation which offer no cost for people.

Can list some famous league of tennis like: Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, ATP Tour (including the Australian Open, the U.S. Open and the French Open)