Top popular sports in the UK

What do you play when you visit the UK? The fact that the UK is a sport nation because almost walk of life prefer playing sport or enjoy outdoor activities as soon as they are possible. It becomes a daily routine. So there are many recommendations for you if you tend to discover or play something in the UK.

Following this article to find top popular sports list in the UK. In the last article, we refer 4 popular sports such as rugby, badminton, tennis and swimming. Now, we continue to update the ranking.

6/ Rowing

Rowing is a favorite team sport in the UK. It has some creative versions such as kayak.

To develop this sport professionally, the UK government has establish ARA standing for the Amateur Rowing Association to organize, develop and train courses, clubs or competitions about rowing. This association is also responsible for hosting the international rowing in the world.

It’s a great experience when you cheer up one live rowing match.

5/ Ice hockey

Hockey is considered as a national sport because it has origin from the UK. The local people feel proud when they talk about ice hockey.

The truth that hockey is a young people but it has a fast spread. The UK national hockey federation is an important member in IIHF (the International Ice Hockey Federation) manage, arrange as all organize all hockey competitions.

4/ Netball

The UK people love and play sports daily, so there are many team sport to be encouraged in there. Netball is a favorite for any teamwork.

The Netball super league is the biggest competition for all clubs around the UK, Scotland and Wales. This sport is particularly popular with the young in high school or university. Some schools apply student to practice netball as a compulsory subject.