Top popular sports in the UK

The UK is a sport nation because almost the local plays at least one sport in their daily life. This is one of reasons why the UK people have good health as well full of energy.

If you visit the UK, you are not surprising when seeing someone plays sport on the street. In this article, we share top the most popular sports in the UK.

10) Rugby

Rugby is ranked the 10th for the most favorite sports in the UK. This sport is encouraged to be practiced usually by the Government because it brings benefits for health.

Yorkshire and north- west area are the outstanding spots for this sports, therefore some big events are held in these areas.

The fact that, this sport has two version: Rugby Union and Rugby League which are different from rules and number of players.

9) Badminton

Badminton is one of the oldest sport in sport history, therefore it is close to historical stories and considered as valuable heritage.

The Badminton association of England is the official management organization about all events and growth of this sport. This federation is also responsible to support other countries to build up league and professional athletes.

8) Tennis

The UK is a home nation of tennis. The first tournament is named after Wimbledon. Then it an individual or couple sport. There are many stadiums and yards with high quality in this nation, therefore it is easy to play.

7) Swimming

Swimming is a favorite sport in the UK. Even this nation has many internationally famous athletes. This sport appears usually on the journals to encourage the local to join it more and more. 

People can join swimming during 4 seasons in one year, therefore it is easy to be close in a long time.