It’s incredible to see that people from all around the world love football. It’s a no brainer that the sport is more popular in South America and, of course, Britain and Europe, in general. But why is this game a favourite in Britain, and how comes it ranks higher than other types of sports?


Have you ever come across people playing football, and then you decide to join them, even if you don’t have the skills? The game is simple; take the ball, dribble past your opponents if you have the ability and score. Regardless of the style you use, the goal counts. And, remember that you use your feet to play this game, but you can showcase a few skills with your head.


In addition to being simple, it may cost you nothing to play football. Just buy a ball and find some space anywhere, then play this game. Or you can join your friends, or even strangers, and play your favourite sport. Absolutely, you only need a few pounds to visit a stadium every other weekend and watch the biggest stars in the world, including Pogba, Salah, De Bruyne, Hazard, and Harry Kane.

Top Football Clubs

Ever heard of Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, or Manchester United? These are just some of the professional football clubs in England. And as sports pundits say, football in England is the best and most competitive in the world. In fact, there’s no absolute winner of a cup until the last stages or days of the competition. This is evident when, in the 2018/2019 sports calendar, the finals of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League were graced by English teams. And there are professional football teams from almost every town or city in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Basically, football, which is known as soccer in the USA, is the most loved game in Britain.