Where to Compete in Rowing in England (Part 2)

Dorney Lake

The Dorney Lake is a privately-owned lake that was made for water events and is sponsored by the Eton College. Located close to the River Thames, it is over 2.2 km length with 8 rowing lanes. Besides hosting Eton’s school events, the lake is the venue hosting several national and international competitions such as the Marlow Regatta, the Metropolitan Regatta, the Wallingford Regatta, World Rowing Championships, Rowing World Cups or Olympic regattas, and triathlons.

Redgrave Pinsent Rowing Lake

Situated in Oxfordshire, the lake and its boathouse are built to be used as education, training facility for scientific and medical purposes for the Great Britain Rowing Squad as well as for the preparation venue of the Oxford University team for the Boat Race. The lake is also a frequent venue to athletes from Oxford Brookes University and University College, Oxford.

London Regatta Centre

This is a racing centre situated in the center of the Docklands’ area in London and used for organizing rowing and dragon boat events. It is the possession of the Royal Albert Dock Trust and is the venue for over ten rowing clubs such as the Queen Mary, University of London Boat Club and London Youth Rowing. The centre’s facilities consist of a rowing tank and a boathouse among others.

Nothing danger you as playing our favourite sport of rowing like common accidents on and off the water.

Let’s jump straight into avoiding those by some Rowing and Water Safety tips

Drying off your boat as soon as you getting out of the water is a must-do before setting it back in the boat shed.  As drying it off, you’ve got rid of big puddles in the shed that could cause slipping that result in serious injury, at the same time you’re taking better care of your boats

Although hitting the odd pole, bank, and tree can be rare, but if it does, it can result in damaging boats which is both annoying,costly and harmful to others that are on the water.  To avoid such accidents, rowers need to keep an eye to their surroundings to know the traffic flows, and take the time to check that nothing is coming up behind you