Where to Compete Rowing in England (part 1)

The adrenaline rush when competing rowing will drive you to jump on a boat and begin sculling. Rowing is an amazing sport that suits everyone from keeping fit or compete purpose. There are many rowing competitions in England, including University Rowing competitions, National Rowing games, International competitions, World Championships and many others … that allow you to participate in easily. To start competing in rowing, one must join a good boat club in school or any non-academic clubs.

Once you get in a club, there are places that you can compete rowing in English and here are some of them: 

Rowing competitions in River Thames

The Thames is one of the main places where rowing competitions take place in England. There are rowing competitions on the Tideway as well as on the lock-reaches of the non-tidal part of the river. There are several regattas and long-distance races besides two main rowing events, The Boat Race and Henley Royal Regatta. Of which, regattas are sprint races that take place in summer (between May and August) allow people to compete in side-by-side racing or in multi-lane races at varying distances between 500m and 2000m.

You can also choose to compete in Head of the River and Long Distances races which take place during the winter months. Head of the River competitions are processional long-distance races that boats begin racing one after the other at time intervals. The results are judged based on comparative timing or by bumping. The Boat Race is also referred to as the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, is a annually men’s eight rowing competition between the Oxford University Boat Club and the Cambridge University Boat Club, taken place on the Thames since 1859 until now, spanning a 6.8 km course and recently added the Women’s Boat Race.