Why is football so popular in the UK? (Part 1)

Football in the UK has a tremendous influence. To say football is a way of life for most Brits would not be an understatement. It involves a level of passion and comradery that can discriminate someone who doesn’t support a football team.

Choosing a team is often a matter of family affair and where you live as once you have become a team’s fan, it is a lifelong commitment. You will support them whatever they go through.

What is the history of football in the UK?

Footballs undeniable popularity in the UK has been there for centuries. It may have something to do with the belief that the English developed the sport in 1170 and as any proud British will tell you, it is England’s national sport before being an international sport!

The first football club to be founded was Sheffield F.C. in 1857, followed by the establishment of the Football Association, in 1863, which created the rules of the modern game. And England had its first official international game, in 1872, against Scotland team.

Today, there are approximately 45,000 registered football clubs in England, almost twice as many as Brazil. Most of the biggest names are qualified in the Premier League and these clubs have millions of supporters from around the world.

How is football played?

The game is easy enough to master, both as a player and a spectator. Rach team has 11 players competing in 90 minutes, divided into two 45-minute halves. The objective of the game is to score by getting the ball past the opponent team’s goalkeeper and shoot into their goal.

If after 90 minutes the score is equal, the match is a draw, followed by extra time match of 30 minutes. If the score remains tied, the result is determined by penalty shootout.

Simple enough, right? Got that?