Wild swimming in the UK: top spots (Part 1)

The beauty of wild swimming in the UK makes it the perfect destination for swimmers – every site in UK is close to campsites, rivers, gardens, pubs or restaurants.

Goldiggins quarry, Minions, Bodmin Moor, Cornwall

This quarry lake is the perfect spot with beautiful jade water glistens, rocky amphitheatre, flat ledges as well as grassy areas for campsites and sunbathing. It’s a beautiful path lead to the Hurlers – one of the most beautiful remains of a stone circle in the Southwest region. From the Hurlers car park in Minions, follow the soil path, which lead to the moor in the north; walk past the circle and after 15 minutes turn left at the junction, you will find the Pony Pool and the “Cheese Ring” tor which is a stack of weathered rocks piled up look like lumps of cheese.

River Dart, Staverton, Totnes

At Totnes jump on a restored steam train that starts from the South Devon Railway during a three-mile trip toward Staverton village. You’ll find the gentle stretch of the river Dart – deep and more secluded downstream. Walk along the path downstream for 25 minutes, you’ll reach a superb jump on a corner bend, with steps create the trunk of an old oak tree that cross over the pool. It’s an exhilarating plunge into the dark water below. 

River Thames, Pangbourne, Berkshire

This is one of the best and easy reach wild swims within London. Get off the train at Pangbourne and walk upstream three miles via the ancient oaks of Coombe Park, you will reach the edge of the Chilterns to find a wonderful wild stretch of river with beautiful banks, clear water. Continue walking another three miles, you will find pretty pubs in Goring-on-Thames where you can jump on the train to get home.